Gleaners and who?

Produced for a brief by Hot Potato, in collaboration with UWE Photography.

“Making good use of the things that we find, the things that the everyday folks leave behind”

Inspired by ‘Gleaners and I’ and as an ode to Agnes Varda.

'Think Outside of the Box but Inside the Potato' was a collaborative brief between Hot Potato and UWE Photography. Hot Potato is a photography led publication that covers global politics and cultural affairs in innovative ways, founded by Naoise O’Keefe. 

Using the potato as a starting point for research, I produced a small body of work collaborating with people who were interested in sharing with me what they have ‘gleaned’ from the street and their stories of how they came to acquire these objects.

‘Gleaners and Who?’ is part of a limited edition publication and was exhibited at Free Range, London, 2022.